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Norman Broudy, M.D. & Associates

Norman Broudy, MD and Associates provides therapy services and counseling in Wilmington, Delaware. We help patients by offering multiple psychotherapy approaches for family therapy and individual therapy. Therapy sessions over the course of several weeks or months are effective for most patients dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and many other problems that affect mental well-being.

Our licensed psychologists, therapists, and mental health counselors are highly skilled in diagnosing psychological conditions and determining the appropriate treatments in adults, children, and families. Our therapists recognize that a singular treatment approach may not always be effective. Instead, our therapists practice integrative therapy, blending elements from different approaches and tailoring treatment according to each person's or family's needs.

Family Therapy

Families commonly come to us for help with tension in the household that may occur as a result of parent/child conflict, sibling conflict, divorce, blended families, or other reasons. Family therapy is also beneficial in developing a support system when one or more members in the family are diagnosed with a psychological condition.

In family therapy sessions, our therapists evaluate relationships between family members to determine the appropriate methods for resolving familial conflict. Therapy approaches may include:

  • Family focused therapy
  • Structural family therapy
  • Strategic family therapy
  • Intergenerational family therapy

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Individual Therapy

During individual therapy, our therapists customize a unique, individual treatment plan designed to help patients manage emotional and cognitive behavioral problems. We use a variety of psychotherapy approaches such as:

  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Substance abuse therapy, including motivational interviewing

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