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Norman Broudy, M.D. & Associates

Psychiatric Services

Norman Broudy, M.D. & Associates

Norman Broudy, MD and Associates provides psychiatric services in Wilmington, Delaware. We have board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners available for adults, adolescents, and children.

Our child and adult psychiatrists and nurse practitioners will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and create a treatment plan that may include a choice of medications. We then follow up with medication management sessions at regular intervals to monitor the benefits and possible side effects of each medication. At these visits, we may adjust doses or make changes in medications until we achieve the most effective result.

Our psychiatrists and highly skilled therapists collaborate to enable our patients to receive the maximum benefits of treatment.

We treat the following psychiatric conditions:

To schedule a psychiatric appointment for evaluation or follow-up, please call (302) 655-7110, ext. 221 or request an appointment online.